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We can help, whether you are looking for a long-term strategic partner or specialists for specific tasks.

Strategy is not a static thing, it is something we do. If strategy is just a piece of laminated paper left in the desk drawer, it is insignificant at best. So it pays off to get smarter about your message and your recipients. What’s at stake? And why is this important for your target audience? This is a matter of connecting strategic insights with creativity, so that the strategy aids in making you communicate most effectively.

At Tailor, we love to cultivate insight and we can help you build a strategy that ties everything together across your communications.

Great design is about more than the color of your logo. A visual design must connect all of your communications, strengthen your message, and aid in making change.

At Tailor, we always deliver tailored design solutions that are based on your strategy, history, competition, and services – customized to the platforms and scales on which you’ll appear. And we always do it pragmatically, so that the look fits your messages and target audience. Whether you need a fresh start or just a little design upgrade, we can help.


Your target audience is digital – whether they’re customers, politicians, stakeholders, or an altogether different group of people. This puts great demand on communications, and everyone in your organization needs to understand how to communicate, on which platforms, and when.

At Tailor, we understand digital and social media, and we always use them strategically, so the outcome is more than a like on social media or a click onto your newsletter. It’s a matter of gathering data and pushing the target audience, so that your members multiply, your sales increase, or your impact grows.

The future belongs to those with the most compelling narratives. It’s always been that way. And it’ll continue like this, regardless of how many advanced algorithms or segmentation tools we gain access to.

At Tailor, we encompass it all: We can produce blockbuster commercials for audiences in the cinema or deliver an animation that’ll make your message fly on Twitter.

Campaigns that make decisions for the recipient are long gone. Today, campaigns must engage the target audience and influence opinions much more so than before.

The challenge is to build campaigns that make your cause relevant to your target audience, while offering opportunities for action that produce meaningful engagement.

At Tailor, we’re experts in campaigns that take their starting points in a profound civic-mindedness and which make an impact, so that your target audience becomes your co-authors who then help strengthen your strategy and core narrative.

Communications don’t matter if no one sees them. At the same time, the mediascape has become so varied, that it no longer makes sense to spend all your money on advertising with one TV channel. Instead, communications must adapt to each medium, so your message suits different platforms and their different audiences.

Tailor always considers media planning and procurement at the beginning of an assignment. This way, we ensure that strategy, creativity, and execution are interconnected and support one another.

We’re in a permanent partnership with the media bureau Mercantila. This is why we can guarantee that your messages reach your target audience, whether through outdoor-, radio-, Web-TV-, cinematic-, social media- or programmatic advertising. And if you’re dreaming about a particular ad placement in the streets, we can most likely make that happen too.

Purpose. Core narrative. Core strategy. Regardless of what you call it, this is where you create the common thread through your communications. Some people mistakenly think of this as hot air. But in reality, it’s a matter of using as a starting point what already characterizes you as an organization, so that there’s coherence between – and purpose in – everything you do.

Maybe you need to wipe the slate clean and start all over, or maybe you need to revisit and fine tune your existing narrative. Tailor can help you do either.

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