There are those who divide. And those who unite. We want to be on the team that unites.

Tailor Agency

The world has become polyfactual.

Truth and facts come in many different forms, and it is no longer enough to just deliver your main service or market your primary product.

At Tailor, we believe that everyone must regain their legitimacy by engaging customers, members, and target audiences in new ways.

So ask yourselves: What is our cause? Who are our co-authors? And how can we engage them?

Tailor helps you find the answers.

But we don’t work with just anyone. We dare to say no, if we asses that a business model profits from destroying the structures that keep our society together. But we’re not extremists. We’re pragmatic idealists. With some added creativity.

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Tailor Agency

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Helge Toksvig Bjerre


Phone: +45 2071 4707